With Liquor Stores Nevertheless an issue, Arias Wants Also Tougher Rules

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With Liquor Stores Nevertheless an issue, Arias Wants Also Tougher Rules

The city attorney’s office provided this set of complaints about Parkway Liquor dating to Jan. 1, 2019.

GV Wire? contacted Parkway Liquor. The phone was answered by a man and said, ” “We don’t have to work well with the town. We now have no issues after all. ” He hung up before providing his title or name.

  • Feb. 13, 2019 – inoperable vehicle parked in a driveway on jack appears (case closed)
  • Sept. 26, 2019 – non-permitted electrical, junk/rubbish (case closed)
  • June 5, 2020 – graffiti problem (addressed)

Parkway Liquor sits from the south side of motel row in west Fresno. City Council Member Miguel Arias claims it is a known meeting spot for pimps dispatching intercourse employees along the roadway. (GV Wire/Jim Jakobs)

Secure Marketplace Neighborhood Ordinance

The council in 2019 passed a suggested ordinance — the Safe marketplace Neighborhood Ordinance — requiring that new organizations attempting to offer liquor in Fresno must buy a license that is existing than include another.

With respect to the size associated with the establishment, numerous alcohol licenses could be needed.

Examples for brand new establishments would add:

  • Retail square footage not as much as 10,000 foot shall move two ABC licenses in good standing, and surrender some of those to ABC.
  • Retail square footage between 10,000-30,000 foot shall transfer three ABC licenses in good standing, and surrender two of these to ABC.
  • Retail square footage more than 30,000 square foot shall move four ABC licenses in good standing and surrender three of the to ABC.

Another stipulation into the ordinance would be to reject a conditional-use license to a start up business if giving it might end up in the sheer number of internet web sites offering liquor for off-site usage exceeding one license for each 2,500 residents.

The issue is, Arias states, that ordinance are circumvented.

“So that, you realize, a council or a preparation commission can simply, you realize, view it entirely, produce an exemption, ” says Arias.

Into the months that are coming several committees including the airport region and preparation payment are considering approaches to result in the ordinance everlasting.

Arias thinks the method should finally ramp up straight back in the town council by August.

This is the ordinance passed by the council in 2019.

Youth Leadership Institute

Christina Garcia, 17, of Roosevelt senior high school helped pass the Neighborhood Market that is responsible Ordinance. This woman is the main night Live program at the Youth Leadership Institute friday. FNL is targeted on performing research and producing jobs to cut back drinking that is underage medication usage among minors.

“As a person that is young we encourage the city council to diminish the total amount of alcohol stores and alcohol based drinks to teenagers even as we are usually oversaturated with alcohol shops when you look at the town, ” said Garcia.

In 2019, FNL youth leaders carried out a storefront evaluation of 17 liquor shops — Sunnyside highschool is enclosed by 20 alcohol stores in just a mile for the campus. Eleven of the 17 stores advertised alcohol and had significantly more than 15% of liquor advertisements as permitted.

A day in addition, 66% of Fresno County youth reported seeing one or more alcohol ads. Research indicates that the greater amount of people that are young confronted with liquor advertising, the much more likely these are typically to begin consuming.

This is actually the presentation the Youth Leadership Institute assisted come up with for the council.

Payday Lenders Next on Arias’ Radar

“We have saturation of payday lenders, ” says Arias about their region. He states one of several reasons is basically because banks have actually avoided starting in a number of areas of their region, including southwest Fresno. Payday loan providers have actually relocated in to fill out those gaps.

Arias claims he utilized a payday lender when he was in university to help make ends fulfill. He claims a major issue that|problem that is big manifest it self due to the pandemic’s economic chaos may be the quantity of security individuals must set up — a motor vehicle, for example, getting high-interest loans.

“We’re likely to see lots of automobiles being turned over, individuals losing their livelihoods because they’ve applied for that loan for a deteriorating asset, ” claims Arias.

As to if the town council can do something comparable with payday lenders as they’ve done with alcohol stores continues to be on their to-do list.

“After we obtain the structural modifications regarding the alcohol shops and motels, ” he claims.

In accordance with CalMatters, southwest Fresno is teeming with payday loan providers, while its only bank is with in Chinatown.

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