The Best Methods For Winning at Roulette

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Winning at roulette is always going to require an element of luck – after all that’s what gambling is about!

However, there are things you can do to give yourself every chance of walking away from the roulette table a winner.

The number one rule for winning at roulette is, if you have the option – play European roulette, rather than the American wheel. The reason for this is very simple, the 00 you find on the American wheel, which you do not see on the European one. This increases the casino’s advantage by another 2% or so, making winning at roulette just that little bit harder.

It’s also important to be wary of systems or gadgets that promise to have you winning at roulette at the drop of a hat. These are often based on finding the flaws in wheels in live casinos. It is true that wheels can sometimes have a very small bias thanks to mechanical quirks, but finding them out takes it so long as to be virtually impossible!

Betting systems are another method that have been suggested for winning at roulette. The most famous is called the Martingale system – you double your bet when you lose, so eventually you get back what you bet plus a small profit. These are bets on red or black, or odd or even. The problem with this system is that you could find yourself, if you are unlucky, betting $600 to try and win $5. Chasing losses to this extent is never wise!

Perhaps the most effective method for winning at roulette is taking advantage of the bonuses online casinos offer – many will give you money to play with or match your first deposit. These can make you money – but you should always check the terms and conditions first.

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