Roulette And What It’s Really All About

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먹튀업체Roulette or the “Queen of casino” as it is known, is a game that almost all casinos in the world have. It exists in several versions. French casinos often use English or French roulette while on this side of the Atlantic, the American roulette is more popular. The game consists of placing a bet on one or several numbers and colors. The croupier will the turn the roulette (wheel) in one direction and throw a ball in another. When the ball eventually loses momentum and rests in one number and color, hence determining the winner. Among the different versions of the game, the French roulette is considered to be the most advantageous to the player because of the odds are less in the favor of the house due to the single 0 (as opposed to the American roulette which has double zero as well).

The gaming table

Like all other versions of the game, it has a cylindrical tray with a Crown of 37 numbers from 0 to 36 (18 red and 18 black zero is green). The game table is usually green. Players place their bets on the table which has numbered squared with 37 numbers. Around these numbers, there are squares for simple bets (even/odd, red/black).

The Organization of the game

The table of games has four casino employees: a croupier and three dealers. The croupier ensures the proper conduct of the game. Two of the three dealers stand face to face of each side of the cylinder. The third takes place at the end of the table. The first dealer takes the lost bets with a rake. The second dealer prepares tokens for those who have won. The third distributes the winning bets to different players.

Conduct of a game

At the beginning of a game, one of the dealers will invite players to place their bets. They will then rotate the wheel and one of the dealers will send the ball in the opposite direction. When the ball finally stops in a box, the dealer announces the winning number and the corresponding simple chances.


Gains are more important when you bet on a smaller number of cases because the probability of winning is less. Different games are as follows (US rules):


Red, Black, Odd, Even—————-1

1 to 18——————————1

19 to 36—————————–1

1 to 12——————————2

12 to 24—————————–2

25 to 36—————————–2


First Five (5 numbers)—————-6

Corner (4 numbers)——————8

Street (3 numbers)——————11


Any one number

With French roulette, there is also a favorable rule called “partage” or “en prison”. For example, when zero is the result and the player has made even money bet (red, black, odd, even), the player gets half of his bet. The player may opt to imprison his bet rather than lose half. If he wins in the next spin, the player gets it back without any winnings. This rule is absent in the American version of the game.

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